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Reliable. Cost Effective. Efficient.

Four Elements Restoration delivers more than repairing, restoring, mitigating properties after they have been damaged by a range of catastrophic events such as fire, wind, hail, flood, mold. We delivery a piece of mind and a place to live or work better than before.

Why Choose Four Elements Restoration?

  • FER installs millions of dollars worth of residential and commercial roofs, gutters, siding and copperartisan metal work each year.
  • FER will perform a FREE Inspection of the commercial property and provide a FREE Damage Assessment Report to the owner that has been prepared and reviewed by our experts.
  • FER has a team of insurance claim specialists that assist clients with all aspects of the claim process,from filing the claim to the settlement and restoration.
  • FER has experience in completing roof projects ranging from $500,000 to over $2,00,0000.
  • FER specializes in reversing denied insurance claims. We work with a team of qualified estimators, adjusters,engineers and attorneys to help our clients receive the complete compensation for the damage to their property.

We understand the complexities of commercial insurance claims to a greater extent than most traditional roofing contractors. When catastrophe strikes, we are here to get your business back in motion.

Disaster Planning & Storm Restoration


Our experts are trained, equipped and ready to restore your building after any disaster, from water, fire, hail and wind damage. We understand the complexity of commercial insurance claims to a greater extend than most traditional roofing contractors and the importance to keep your business operating after a catastrophic event.


Denied Claim Solutions

FER uses only the top forensic Engineers, Adjusters, Estimators and Attorneys that specialize in complex roof insurance claims. We have over-turned over $3 million in rejected claims with the help of the our team of experts. We understand the claims handling process and we can help you navigate your way through all of the insurance' company's "red tape".We have a 98% success rate on insurance claim cases we take. We at FER understand the frustrations of our clients and we are ready to assist you in receiving the insurance settlement you deserve to restore your property to pre-loss condition or better.

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